Area Scout


We have Area Scouts in your area that are working with athletes just like you! SE Area Scouts are available to come out to your practice, game or camp and provide you with a professional 5 Skill Evaluation and SE Skill Level Report Card. These scouts have been trained and certified by The NCARN. Area Scouts can also coach athletes step-by-step through the entire college recruiting process. Contact the scout in your area to get your college recruiting started.

Find A Scout In Your Area

We have Scouts nationwide ready to get your evaluated. Just add your upcoming schedule to you SE calendar and send us a request to get Scouted at a practice, game or camp event. Your local Area Scout will view your calendar and schedule a time to come out and evaluate you.

Use Your Evaluation

Athletes, teams and event directors schedule events. Scouts can geo-locate any athlete anywhere, anytime and in real-time. Athletes can add their current location via mobile device which adds a “Recruit Beacon” on the scouts map. Send scouts real time alerts when you enter a game.

Get Training & Development

We aggregate data from players, teams, college coaches, camps, tourneys, skill eval combines, athletic performance tests, trainers and training centers! It’s like google search for athletics!

Get Recruitable Then Get Recruited

We give the athlete a clear 360° view of where they stand during the recruiting process. Most players need time to develop their skills before they can be recruited. We provide a complete path through the player development process. And once an athlete is “Recruitable” we give them all the tools to achieve that goal.